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Machida and Silva


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I saw it' date=' too. It's the taunting. Machida has adapted the art of clowning into his flawless technique.[/quote']




However, he still did not mimic Silva's style, only his "clowning" to fluster and frustrate his opponent into making a mistake. Silva is still a more aggressive, dangerous, powerful striker. Machida simply added the clowning technique of Silva's into his more elusive (footwork-wise) striking style.


Gotta love them both :)

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Your just noticing that NOW?LOL

Geesh people,watch these fights,the guy has been a counter striker from day1 ,Exactly the same as Silva always been.

If Silva ever fought Machida it would go down as the most boring fight since Lombard-Boestch because neither fighter would commit.They would stand there and feint and feint nobody committing,end of fight 0 strikes to 0 strikes.0 take downs 20 calories burned,no water bottles used,no showers needed.


You can't strike a counter striker with poor striking skills,you have to move in low and take them down OR get into a tight clinch and dirty box/elbow/knees/liver shots ect ect...foot stomps :).

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