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Machida vs Jones 2!! Who Wins??


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I had Machida winning the first bout' date=' and it didn't work out for him. I have him winning the second bout as well. :cool:[/quote']




I think jones is gonna win again. And my guess is he's going to use an all wrestling/grappling game to nullify whatever new skills(mostly standup) machida has sharpened. Because nobody is going to expect JBJ to lay and pray. That's his highest percentage chance of winning and the best use of the element of surprise.

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Jones will win again


Jones rocked Machida in the first fight which lead to his being choked out, and Jones also took a good shot from Machida proving he had a chin.


Machida will need to put on some weight if he wants to content with Jones.


Machida could win tho, he is the guy to beat Jones (still a big underdog tho, lol)

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I'd really like for Machida to win' date=' but I don't really believe he will. But its possible and I'll be pullin for him.[/quote']


Machida' date=' I was hoping he was going to win the first time but got caught and strangled.

This time lets hope he gets the job done-that's if Hendo doesn't drop the bomb on Jones' chin[/quote']


These, plus, machida now has more confidence - and he knows what he did wrong before.



I'm a huge Rashad fan, and as much as it was good to see Rashad take Jones to 5 rounds, he really didnt lay a hand on him in the same way Machida did.


I'd like to see machida get the belt and then Rashad vs machida soon after - if Rashad wins again.

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I think Machida has that 1% chance of landing a random knock out punch on Jon Jones, but then again, I don't know if Jones is going to strike with Machida again -- I think he learned that lesson last time.


Machida's performance last night wasn't really that impressive. If Ryan Bader had not willingly charged him, it would have been another boring "decision" fight similar to how Machida / Rampage played out. Knocking out a guy that struggled with Keith Jardine, and whom Tito Ortiz knocked out doesn't really impress me, and it certainly doesn't argue contender status.


The Light Heavyweight Division really is that weak compared to Middle Weight. (Granted Jones made the division look weak, but it's still an obviously shallow talent pool).

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