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Finally some respect for the truth...


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lol too bad his skull isn't as strong as his heart... I saw so many times Shogun could've eaten a dirty uppercut in that fight. I just feel bad for fighters like Vera who have to feel like they are supposed to lose because of how the media treats these fights (Jones/Shogun 2) It doesn't happen in any other sport and the media needs to learn where to draw the line in what they write and the videos they put out about these fights.

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You guys talk about the respect he gets after the shogun fight... but let's be honest... he's respected for being a punching bag. Albeit, that fires back a a 1,2,leg kick combo now and then, but has no finishing instinct.


I think Vera is getting cut when he loses his next 2 fights.


Vera was very stiff and doing the same things. And has not improved.(period) He's still on version 1.0 even though he claims he upped his game, blaming his past failures on "not taking my career in the ufc seriously,: and from the way he talks, it just sounds like he's all talk. He's just that kind of person, an excuse maker, like Tito.


He wont improve, because he's too dishonest to himself and anyone who listens. That's the truth. :/

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