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Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar [booked by the_enigma via PM]

Donald Cerrone vs Melvin Guillard [booked by Greatness_ ]

Jake Shields vs Ed herman [booked by AxeMurduh]

Yushin Okami vs Buddy Roberts [booked by Shuberling]


Dennis Bermudez vs Tommy Hayden




My picks are in bold, first come first get.


Sig lasts until next UFC event. (August 11th until september 1st)


Winner messages loser with new sig line.


Im also available for Avatar bet. First come first serve.

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Ok pm me the sig.... ill pm you if you pm me....


sent you a pm :)


Ok if you lose our sigbet, on saturday you'll have to place the following line in your sig:


Kurt Cobain is cool and all but who really makes me wet is Justin Bieber. I think of the Bieb daily, alone at night... <3

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your gonnna hve the avi for a total of 7 days' date=' so since its not up yet it needs to be up til the 13th if u put it today.....









not tin sry, greatness is a welcher[/quote']


Im not a welcher... i dont feel like getting banned and im not sure its to good to have a half naked retard as my avi.

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I'm probably gonna lose this' date=' lmao.[/quote']


Dont worry, I wont make your sig too horrible, you'll just join the rainbow coalition fullnude jiu-jitsu league, and have people PM you for more info.


just had to post this the cheeks are kind of covered up i guess.





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