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Lyoto Machida vs Anderson Silva


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who would take it at MW?


earlier Lyoto said he would drop to MW for the right fight, however I don't know if they would ever fight eachother


but if they did, who would take it?


Machida cuts no weight to be a LHW so they are pretty much the same size and both are very elusive counter strikers

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who knows.


Be an awesome fight. Be a strange fight, because both are counter punchers and most likely youll see a lot of Brazilian dancing around each other, not fighting.


Theyll never fight though.


I dont think it would be a fight, it would be a brazilian dance.

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This^ machida wont fight him i think Machida is getting smalller because Silva is about done with the UFC Machida will drop and hold the division

Machida's no spring chicken either. He's only got a few years left, and wouldn't hold the division for long, if at all.

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