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Shogun vs Matt Hamill No1 contenders fight


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When the Hammer takes out newcomer Roger Hollett, Shogun will call him out in a bout that will decide the next No1 contender for the LHW title.


The fight can also, like UFC has done with cards specifically for injured troops, be a headline to a special fund raising card for people with disabilities, seeing as both are heroes to these people as they fight in the octagon with disabilities - Hamill is deaf, Shogun is a cripple.


Discuss. thanx

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I realize the entire point of this thread was to make a joke about Shogun Rua being a cripple' date=' but I felt the urge to point out that Matt Hamill being anywhere near number one contender status after a whopping one win in a row is far beyond the point of absurdity.[/quote']


Do you want me to list how many guys have got a title shot off a one win fight streak....



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