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A must read for anyone who does weight lifting


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T-nation is a great site, for all types of lifting.


With regards to these kroc rows, or single arm row, yes, it's a good exercise. Like all compounds they they leave you out of breath and bring a sweat on, which is the sign of a good exercise. Couldn't agree more about grip strength. When I ruined my bicep I gave these up as they were painful. When I went back to doing them I couldn't use anywhere near the same dumbbell as I struggled to hold it. Grip strength is so important for all back exercises.


I've never got on with straps, tried them on rows, and as if by magic I could rep out a 25lb heavier dumbbell, so grip was the problem. The only aid i use now is an Eco ball, designed for rock climbing that basically chalks your hands without disappearing behind a huge cloud of dust, and I only use that for deadlifts.


Off to the gym now actually, for a bit of cardio and dumbbell work on a Swiss ball, so I might pop them in there somewhere.

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Some of you might already know about these' date=' but for the rest of you -this will change everything for you - just like when you discovered the benefits of deadlifting & squats!


Kroc Rows!!
























cause i dont

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Ive done a ton of DBR;s...but never done Kroc - and everything ive read and people Ive talked to say its $$$



This week I'm maxing out on my primary compounds, so maybe next week I'll throw these in. Last time I did DBR's I was able to do 110 for 3 sets of 6 reps. So, for a minimum of 20 reps of just 1 set I'll shoot for maybe 85 & see how that goes - I could smash it, or maybe I will fall short.


I dont normally use straps, but once my DL got to the point where I could lift more than I could hold - as is inevitable for most lifters - I got some straps.My last best lift for Dl was 3 reps @ 315...and 1 @ 365. Gonna try and hit 405 tomorrow :D

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