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Jon Jones next opponent?


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Thanks Hellequin.


I haven't been able to keep up on the latest in UFC over the last bunch of months' date=' am trying to get back into it.


No trolling... just knew someone here would know.[/quote']


For a quick update bro just go to wiki, type in UFC 149 and scroll through all the future events from there to know whose fighting who ;)

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lol i know u trollin son' date=' it takes about 2 mins to create a profile here and ask, but it takes only 30 seconds or less to google/wiki it.[/quote']


If you know the OP is trolling, why would you bump the thread when it was slowly moving to the second page? :confused:


Ah **** I just did it too . . .

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If Jones beats Hendo, and doesn't want a fight with Machida twice in the last year. I'm kinda hoping Overeem doesn't make the deadline for the Junior fight. Jones and him could be setup

that would be a great fight. Personally I think Cain dserves the shot more he played by the rules, is a legit threat to Junior. I think we can say Cain is a much better foe then his showing coming off that surgery.


Overeem would get the Honors of maybe welcoming the best fighter of the new generation to the heavyweight division. Overeem can do two things show that Jones doesn't have what it takes to compete with the top big guys. But I think Jones has more tools to win that fight. If he can't match reems striking he can always get the take down and drop some of those nasty elbows and finish him off with a submission or gnp.

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