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my god this retardation


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this is the actual quote i just found online one a meme website


Did Goku get killed by a ****ing aspirin? I love Bruce Lee and all, but I think Goku has him beat. And Bruce Lee did practice martial arts, but he was famous for creating his own style, which is actually banned in MMA and UFC because of its sheer deadliness. In jeet kune do he has trapping moves to stop your opponent from doing anything, and you can do that with one hand and trap both of theirs.

my god how effin stupid can you be

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Wasn't Genki Sudo a Kung Fu/Jeet fighter?


Not to my knowledge he's never had any association with Jeet Kune Do.


He's done shootfighting, kickboxing and he's a blackbelt in BJJ.


He's also pretty good at dancing doing the robot and actually pulling it off in fights.


BTW some of JKD is banned. Bruce was a big fan of finger jabs to the eyes, kicks to the groin and biting/gouging in grappling situations.

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