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"Whaaaaaaaaaa!" -Nick Diaz


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How anyone can like or respect Nick Diaz is a real mystery to me. Not only does he have a completely fake record padded mostly with second rate cans, but he throws ridiculous temper tantrums when he loses and is just as guilty of being an excuse making crybaby as other fighters who are hated for it like Tito or BJ.


To see just how much of whiny emo qweer Nick is just read his interview with fighters only magazine. Does this wesk minded tool sound like a champion to you? If you still call yourself a fan after reading this drama laden teenage girl nonsense then you're ***.


"If you look at my life over a long term period I couldn't give a (expletive). I honestly don't know, if I got locked up right now, I don't know if I'd want to come back. I'm coming in here every day, going, 'Why the (expletive) am I doing this right now?' I could be, like, (expletive) this whole thing," Diaz said.


When Diaz no-showed a pair of UFC press conferences to hype the PPV, it became apparent that maybe the native of Stockton, California, was doing just that.


UFC President Dana White was forced to remove Diaz from the main event, inserting Carlos Condit in to face St-Pierre.


Diaz went on to discuss his troubled mental status, saying, "Anything is better than what I have been going through. Maybe it'd be better to be locked up in prison. I've been trapped in this prison, and after every fight there is another…See, you don't understand. When you get outta jail, that's what it is…If I fight the fight, I win, I get out, I get of a little while and then locked back up."


White wondered during the press conference if Diaz was afraid to face GSP, or if he truly didn't want to participate in any of the pre-fight events that go into hyping a PPV.


Diaz seemed to hint at just that.


"Am I looking forward to the fight? No. If I fight, I lose, no matter what, win or lose. If I fight. Period. I don't look forward to anything like that. I look past that, like, 'Holy (expletive)…if I win this (expletive) I'm (expletive) stuck in this game."



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Your link's a year old.




Unless this depressing mental midget was committed and received prolonged intensive psychological therapy I highly doubt that he's changed much. I'm sure Ceasar Gracie is still locking up the kitchen knives taking away Nick's belt and shoelaces every night.


Ha ha, what a crybaby suckhole this pretend tough guy is :)

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