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So if Edgar loses Saturday, what is next for him?


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1.) Immediate no1 contenders match with the next in-line after Diaz


2.) Remains a 155 contender, 2/3 wins away from another shot


3.) Back of the line


4.) Drop to 145, face Aldo/Koch winner or face KZ in a title eliminator


5.) Drop to 145, join the line of contenders and fight his way to a title shot



On the subject, Dana has said to media that he is adament that should champ Bendo lose, he WILL NOT get a rematch....




Discuss, Thanx

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Discuss' date=' Thanx[/i']


I see him dropping down


He seems to not like the idea of being outside of championship fights, and I feel like there are so many LW contenders that he drops way down the ladder if he loses another LW fight. Only because I think people are sick of seeing him tie up the LW belt


So yeah...I see him dropping down in weight if he loses this one, which I really don't see him beating Bendo. Not because he's not good, it's because Bendo looked a little too good so far in the UFC

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What do you think of an Aldo/Edgar match?


Both guys desperately need to find an opponent that fans would like to see them against


Discuss. Thanx


I think it would be really interesting, Edgar is someone who can match Aldo for speed and dropping down to 145, probably power too.


I think he will be able to impose his wrestling far better than Mendes was able to also.


It for sure would be Aldo's toughest test yet

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I think that the fight will go similar to the first one. Both are incredible fighters but Henderson is just so big. After this fight I hope Edgar drops down to featherweight so that someone can be a challenge for Aldo. I have been following the Frankie Edgar series of video blogs on Crossvid.com. He is such a hard worker and seems like a great guys so I want to root for him but I also want to see him fight at 145lbs. Crossvid.com has every fighter video blog and since I love that stuff and enjoy the site so much I thought I would share with you all.

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I think that he has to drop down. Fighting bigger opponents is only going to work for so long and I think that Bendo will win this one again. He will be a beast at 145 but Aldo is still a tough champ.


Also I think that Edgar deserved a rematch for giving Maynard and BJ rematches but after this the UFC needs to get out of the habit. Challengers get one shot at the title and if they draw or lose then they go back to a contender fight while someone else gets a shot.

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