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Slugfets no. Brawl no.


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Yes thats was a great one


diaz v. miller


I almost mentioned that one but didn't because it was so one-sided. It was a good fight technically nonetheless.


I'm surprised at the lack of response about Ebersole/Waldburger too. The more I think about it, the more I want to rematch it. It's got to be the most evenly contested strategic fight in a long time.

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Ya'll homies be forgetting some of the best stand up wars I have seen.


Barboza vs Pearson


Barboza vs Njokuani


Mike Easton vs someone - I forgot who' date=' lol.


An oldie but goodie, Andrei Arlovski vs Pedro Rizzo[/quote']


I think he said fights from this year but those are all great fights. I wanted to say Njokuani vs Barboza but that wasn't this year.


And I think you might be talking about Easton vs Papazian.

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