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excessive amounts of 'brand new' 12ers...


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getting pretty ridiculous. most of them are alternate accounts after receiving a banhammer . they keep on trolling in the ufc section with their random non-ufc related nonsense and whatnot. lots of them are getting banned but some keep coming back for more


its becoming more of a nuisance then anything. all these noobs running in with all their jibber jabber and then getting the ban hammer again and continuing the cycle


i vote we impose a new system. have all new users have to sign up and verify their accounts via email address that is more isp non-proxy orientated rather than free services like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc when anybody can just make a million fake accounts every day and use that and not even have to verify, and then 10 seconds later congratulations you are a new member! time to get your troll on and hope the mods arent around to catch you in the act!


and there should be a 48 hour pending period when the signups go straight to moderators/admins. that way they can cross reference their email and ip addresses before deciding to accept them as a new member or just lay down the hammer. this would deter some people, but it would stop people from being so eager to come back. some people are so eager to get perma'd that the moment they get banned for a few days they rush to make another account just to grief others. you could at least hinder these guys a few days. chances are they wont have the patience and would just simply get the message and find somewhere else to lurk


or at least make it so new members who dont have enough posts or havent been around long enough cant make topics. kind of like the system over at sherdog. it is pretty effective at seperating the cream from the crap and eliminating the trolls and other low lifes with nothing better to do and cant get along and follow the rules like everybody else.


i mean yeah that might hinder the average person from being able to sign up just to ask questions for the time being (though there is a search button), they can still contribute but with proper restrictions it couldnt do any harm. I mean do we really care to see the same 3 or 4 clowns running back all day and night long with their 50th account just to nuisance post?


i dont know. it doesnt bother me. but i notice theres a whole lot of it going on lately. whats the deal here? can people not figure out how to get along. hell theres even lots of "new" members coming around with created accounts from 2009 with only like a hundred posts. do they just lurk here silently or whats the deal? i think thats just as equally strange


i dont know i just want to hear some input. some people have nothing better to do i guess than spam boards with their gazillion accounts because they cant stand to get the message the first time around. it would be nice to eliminate that

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but then they would just get to their limit of 50 posts or whatever (shinsplint could do that in 20 minutes) and then just go full retard


id say you have to be around for at least a month or something. that way people could get a feel for your posting style or whatever i guess. Nobody is going to want to wait a whole month just to be able to make that one derogatory troll thread they were waiting eagerly for just to get banned 5 minutes later. I mean that would just be flat out stupid.

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You don't want to make it hard for new people to join here seeing as the brand is growing, and alot new fans do want to discuss mma with other fans, but you do have a genuine point, after the last few days there has been a pretty huge influx of troll posters.


I was a lurker here for a couple of years before joining, didnt want to post cause some of the stuff i read was Soooo stupid and any "discussion" would just be an argument. so I knew what the UFC section was like, and even though i still dont post there very often I've chilled out more can read the posts, laugh and move on. I prob will start posting there more just for the hell of it after saying that.


To bring it back the Mods just have alot of work to do, and I'm not jealous of them one bit.

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yeah i guess theres no point of fixing anything if it aint broken


these forums arent broken. just the deranged minds of the people who get the hammer are and they seem to feel the need to keep coming back for whatever it is they are after. i really dont know but its like a cesspool of troll around here lately

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At hfboards (one of the most successful and well run sports forums online) they make you wait 45 days after joining to start threads.


It works really well.


Most bans here are less than 45 days here, so it would eliminate them being able to create threads in the interim.


Then again, suggesting solutions seems to fall on deaf ears here.

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