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Remember this name, hes gonna be huge


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adam townsend....i trained with the dude when i was at ToT' date=' a couple months back...cool dude laid back...but a BEAST, guy is an animal!!! i weight 230 and the dude would lift me up and slam me like a ****in ragdoll....[/quote']


Haha, very cool.

I remember thinking the same thing about two guys I saw at two different local shows at the beginning of their professional careers.

TJ Waldburger adn Brian Bowles.



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would be sick to see him get into the UFC' date=' he has the potential and the mental focus![/quote']


Awesome man, it is fun to watch the career of someone you have some sort of connection to. Granted yours is more then just seeing their first couple fights, and talking to them a few times.

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