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Go get some Donald Ser O Nay!!!


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Yeah this guy is a warrior. i think this is his 5th or 6th fight in a year. definately the most active fighter in the UFC and also WEC. It seems like he is fighting every other card. Not like guys like condit who will happilly sit back all year and do nothing and maybe fight once or twice a year for a big paycheck.


cerrone is a scrapper. guillard is a pretty strong dude but im hoping cerrone runs right through him

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WAR CERRONE!!! is there ever a card this guy doesnt fight on??? it sure doesnt seem like it


idrankyourbeer;2803640 said:
hes definately one of the most exciting fighters to ever come out of the jackson camp. i hope he doesnt get brainwashed or anything

People said the same thing with Guida. Look at him now.


Cerrone's switch to safe game plans is coming, sadly.


terrible prediction pat. he knocked melvins block off lol

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