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If I was a fighter


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LOL.....I have thought the same thing minus the tassles. As a kid I loved the Ultimate Warrior and Sting. MMA fighters could really help UFC gain more popular if they had more props or personalities to make them unique. Like Rampage was awesome with his "mad dog" look and chains.......but outside the UFC rampage is just a hilarious laid back funny guy.

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Do you know who I am? There is no way I could look like an idiot or a loser rockin a banana hammock!




ok maybe I could a lil :o


Please don't think I was mocking your ability to pull off the banana hammock look. I'm sure all the ladies would be foaming at the gash just thinking about it.


I know I'm getting a semi.


Ps, just remembered there is actually a pic if me on here somewhere rocking that look. No joke.

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