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Ben Henderson Is on a higher decision winstreak than GSP


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GSP has also faced tougher competition


lol at the hypocracy






True, but GSP only fights once a year. If he fought as much as Bendo he would have 642 wins via GSP, if my calculations are correct (they are). He has also beaten his opponents far more dominantly, but couldn't (or didn't want to) get the finish. If he truly is that great, he shouldn't need 5 rounds to beat these guys.

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Theres a difference between purposefully going to decision and going to a decision


^There is truth to this but if you call Edgar a point fighter you cant exactly call Bendo a finisher, His last finish was against cerrone in the WEC (I think). Plus Bendo is I think one of, if not the biggest LW fighters in the UFC, Frankie could prob make 135...

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Benson is way more exciting to watch fight though.


Is that why it was the first main event i never watched,i actually turned it off before the fight even began.I still have not watched it.I have no respect for fighters who try to win via being bigger than everyone else.I am not a big Edgar fan because he fights like Olympic Boxing,however he comes in a 155 fight at 155,he is the man,Bendo is the coward.

If Bendo wants to claim superiority over Edgar,then step on the scale before the fight and fight him like a man.He couldn't do it, he would be spent trying to make that weight,Edgar would own him.

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