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Edgar would have had a better chance against Diaz


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If Edgar had won, then the division would have been clear for the top match ups, it would have been


Edgar vs Diaz - Title Fight


Cerrone vs Pettis - No. 1 Contenders Fight


Bendo vs Maynard - Title Eliminator


And now I doubt Edgar will fight Maynard for a fourth time, so if he decides to stay at LW I think they'd most likely match him up with Guillard, but I think there's a good chance he goes down to FW, has one fight (say against Mendes) and then get a title shot if he wins, but who knows, I'm a huge fan and thought he won.


But back to the point, I think Diaz will have a lot more success against Bendo then he would against Edgar. Edgar has amazing footwork and I don't think Diaz would throw as many leg kicks like Bendo did (and he should have continued) and Edgar wouldn't have to worry about it.


On the ground I think Diaz has an advantage over both men in terms of activity and dangerousness, but I think we will see a new Lightweight Champ by the end of 2013


I think they should target the fight for the FOX card in December and have it like this


Ben Henderson vs Nate Diaz

Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn

Donald Cerrone vs Anthony Pettis

~Flyweight Fight~



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