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Dana thought Frankie won


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He also said he had it even going into round 5.


Stevie Wonder could have seen how Frankie dominated round 5' date=' spectacularly ive seen people on here giving round 5 to henderson.


Ive lost all faith.[/quote']


Yeah, I think he was trying to say he thought Frankie won indirectly without actually coming out with it straight up to offend Bendo.

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If he thought Bendo won he'd say it. He doesn't want to call it a robbery though because he doesn't want another rematch and it doesn't benefit him at all to discredit his lightweight champion.


Lame as hell. I understand you shouldn't leave it to the judges. But you have to understand with a lot of these lighter guys that it is going to go to the judges because of their style. These are point-wars that need more respect and better judging. I don't want to even really want to watch MMA anymore because of it. And not because I like Frankie, because its wrong for someone to get robbed when they clearly won, no matter how you judge a fight.

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You're such a bandwagon fan changing your sig like that.


Worse than rumble170champ.


I changed my sig over two week ago... and I changed it (For the first time after 3 years), because it should be obvious to anyone who ever paid attention (Read - not you...) that my favorites are (By weight class):


BJ Penn






But since that goes without saying, I thought I'd show my support to other fighters who deserve a lot of respect in each weight class.


Stay tuned as I change it every once in a while.


You can expect to see in the near future (excuse misspelling):


LW - Edgar, Diaz, Miller, Pettis and more

WW - Swick, Marquardt, Condit, Diaz, Maia and more

MW - Munoz, Weidman, Stann and more

LHW - Rampage, Gustavson, Rashad and more

HW - Well, I don't like that many HWs to be honest... but Browne would probably be there too.


Hope that clears things up for ya...:cool:

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I gave Frankie a slight edge in the fight, at least according to the 10-point must system. However, it wasn't an egregious decision since neither fighter came close to dominating the other.


Either way, Dana White has a crush on Frankie Edgar and even if the decision wasn't controversial, he'd still be backing him up.

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