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So how will be next for jones/hendo loser ?


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Well, I truly think Hendo will be going down to MW, no doubt. In fact, I think that is the reason why Dana is holding Andersons future back until next year because UFC wants to wait to see if Hendo will lose or not and how.


Im calling Silva vs Hendo 2 on superbowl weekend !!! (If Hendo loses but not get DESTROYED tho) or Hendo might say good bye to LHW division by fighting Shogun early 2013 also we always have to count on Gus could get hurt and Shogun vs Hendo could happen on Fox !!!


If Jones loses, seriously I have no ideia who we would fight next other than Bader (again already), Glover teixeira (if he beats Rampage) or the fight Shogun vs Gus could be totally cancelled and eitther Shogun or Gus would be facing Jones on Fox 5 !!!!


PS. Gotta wait to see how things will happen because if Hendo gets destroyed by Jones than nah he wont have a shot at Silva ... as I also can see Dana giving Jones an "immediate" rematch against Hendo EVEN IF JONES gets KOed out and could and Dana will say "Oh Jones got caught so he deserves a remtach" LOL

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Hendo is gonna be retired by Jones' date=' fact[/quote']


That would make sense but I still think Hendo has 2 big fights inside UFC.




SHOGUN- No comments needed here. Specially if Shogun loses to Gus.


ANDERSON- Dana will give Hendo this fight with no need of Hendo fighting anybody else for it. It may not be Anderson next fight but Hendo will fight Anderson whitout beating ANYBODY to earn it. The marketing would be pretty simple for it: Anderson even said time ago (before fighting Sonnen 1) that Hendo had the best wrestling he ever saw !!!!

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