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Family Trees


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Has anybody looked into their family tree or doing so?


My mum would like to start and we have never done so before and there seems a million different sites asking for a fee to find information that may or may not be accurate. She wants to find out about her dads side of the family, but we only have a date of death. no other information at all


If anybody has any advise or knows of any free or cheap searches please leave a comment.


also, how do you go about finding people from the past on Census or Electoral registers.


oh, UK by the way if that makes any difference


any help much appreciated. :)

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Website wise the one I would trust us ancestory.com. However you do pay for that one and Idk how much it is. I did a free trial awhile back and its pretty cool. Lots of records and shiz. Just fill in as much of your family tree as you can and when they find something a thing will pop up telling you.

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