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Interview with Daniel Moraes, discussing Vitor Belfort + a special bonus technique


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Hey everyone,


Here is a video interview with multiple time IBJJF world champion Daniel Moraes. Daniel is also one of my coaches for my up and coming fight against Vitor Belfort. I'm real excited for this fight, and Daniel discusses it in this interview along with how he got his start in BJJ, defining career moments, and a plan to return to MMA in 2013 at lightweight!






also another reason i wanted to post this up was to show you guys this sick new kimura trap system by my friend david avellan. watch these now so you won't tap tonight in class!


Check it out: http://www.kimuratrap.com/referral.html?w=plv0&p=alanb



And as always if you ever find yourself in the Biloxi area of Mississippi stop by my club and train, or just say hi: http://www.alanbelchermmaclub.com/

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Yes this is sort of why i like Carmont so much,i noticed every time he would get in any trouble he went to grab a kimura right away.I like all of this,it is why people shouldn't whine so much about grappling,skilled fighters make it a great fight,if no skill then yes it will be a one sided bore fest.

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