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The crucible


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so my brother is in marines bootcamp the last thing they do is whats called the THE CRUCIBLE its a 3 day event i almost feel bad for him lol respect for all of our soldiers both past and present


Day 1


Reveille (2 am)

Night movement (3 am)

Recruits conduct a 6-mile hike to the Crucible site.

Events 1-3 (5: 30 am - 6:30 pm)


Event 1 ? Battle of Hue City

A one-hour event in which the teams resupply water, ammunition and MREs through a course which consists of trenches, wire fences and walls.

After the resupply course, teams negotiate the warrior stations below:

Pfc Jenkins Pinnacle

Teams cross two horizontal cable-supported logs.

Pfc Garcia's Engagement

Individuals demonstrate their knowledge of hand-to-hand combat skills, and then participate in a warrior case study of Pfc. Garcia.

Lehew's Challenge

Teams of two climb over an eight-foot high horizontal log.

Corbin's Convoy

Teams react to a simulated IED while on patrol.


Event 2 ? Battle of Belleau Wood: Pugil Sticks/Body Sparring

Leadership Reaction Course


A three-hour event in which the teams perform six reaction course problems which test their ability to work as a team to solve problems.


Some of the problems include:


Using three wooden boards to cross a number of stumps without touching the ground.

Negotiating a water hole using the same wooden board concept to get from point A to point B.

Transporting a large container over a wall using the limited resources available.

Once completing the events, the teams of two face off in a pugil stick bout.


Event 3 ? Core Event and Warrior Stations

A one-hour event which can hold a maximum of six teams working concurrently.

Noonan's Casualty Evacuation

The team will recover a downed pilot and another recruit ?shot? by a sniper and transport them over a mile of wooded terrain.

Enhanced Obstacle Course

the recruits carry a dummy casualty on a stretcher and ammunition cans from one end of a standard Marine Corps obstacle course to the other, going over all obstacles.

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) Strikes Station -

Recruits are required to demonstrate and conduct five-minute MCMAP strikes.

Core Values Station

Recruits sit inside a hut and receive information on a particular core value from their drill instructor.


Night Event (8 pm - 11 pm) - Five-mile night hike with a time limit of three hours.


Sleep (midnight - 4 am)




Reveille (4 am)

Battle of Fallujah

A one-hour event in which teams resupply water, ammunition and MREs through the Combat Assault Course.

Following the completion of the Battle of Fallujah, recruits negotiate a bayonet assault course and the warrior stations below:

-Perez's Passage: Teams cross a ?contaminated area? by swinging on ropes from ?safe spot? to ?safe spot.?

-Kraft's Struggle: Teams climb a 10-foot wall and climb down the opposite side by a knotted rope.

-John Quick Trail (Navigation Station): Basic map reading and grid coordinate plotting will be reviewed and evaluated.

-Core Values Station: Recruits sit inside a hut and receive information on a particular core value from their drill instructor.


Battle of Mariana Islands

Combat Endurance Course: Teams have two hours to complete five events of a modified Confidence Course:

-The Sky Scraper:Team retrieves a ?wounded? dummy from the top of an 18-foot tower.

-Stairway to Heaven: Team members move two ammunition cans over the top of a 36-foot ladder obstacle.

-Two-Line Bridge: Team members cross two 52-foot long ropes with their hands and feet suspended two feet and 10 feet off the ground as they carry ammunition cans and water re-supply cans.

-The Weaver: Team members climb over and under 24 logs, 42 feet in length ascending to 14 feet as they carry ammunition and water re-supply cans.


In addition to the Enhanced Confidence Course, teams go through a Combat Endurance Course.

- Combat Endurance Course- Teams conduct a simulated patrol, negotiate the obstacles and report the number and types of obstacles to intelligence sources.

- Battle of Khe Sanh (Unknown Distance Firing): Teams of four fire two magazines of five rounds each from simulated building structures at unknown distance targets in a time limit of 70 seconds. The number of targets hit and number of unused ammunition is then recorded.

- Following Day's Defense, team members participate in a 250-meter casualty evacuation where members remove simulated casualties from a simulated danger area consisting of artillery simulators.


Night Event (8 pm - 11 pm)- Night Infiltration Course

-Teams re-supply water, ammunition and MREs at night in a simulated combat environment. The teams take their ammunition cans, water cans and simulated MREs through the Combat Assault Course with the added obstacle of darkness.




Reveille (3 am)

Nine-mile hike (4 am - 7 am)

Recruits conduct a nine-mile hike from the Crucible site back to the battalion.

Eagle Globe and Anchor Ceremony (7:30-8:00)

New Marines will receive an Eagle Globe and Anchor from their Drill Instructor marking their transition from a recruit to a Marine.

Warrior's Breakfast

The new Marines are treated to a breakfast fit for only true warriors. It consists of all-you-can-eat steak, eggs and potatoes.

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