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Anyone want to make big money? Simply bet your house on Condit


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lmao Condit and Hardy are equal standing' date=' they both landed at the same time its just that Hardy has a worse chin[/quote']


So much fail.


Condit turned the hip which generates more power.


GSP needs a miracle to get out of this one alive.


Standing he gets Hardy'd, on the ground he gets Kim'd.

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wow' date=' money can never be made so easy if you realize that Condit is the guy to expose GSP. If GSP want to win another boring decision, Condit maybe just the guy to outpoint him. If GSP want to do something risky, he will be finished.[/quote']


GSP is clear until he faces AS. Next in line are Condit and Diaz, both with overrated records fighting cans in a backyard promotion.


Dont bet your house man.

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Stann is a can and the only reason he is still in the UFC is because he is a marine and it would look bad to cut him.


Bisping will finish him


Stann is being hyped up by the UFC so they have their American hero. In reality, he was catching in the showers during his service, thats how he got medals.

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This is GSP's easiest defense since Hardy


I wouldn't bet on Condit winning lol' date=' even if GSP only has one leg he will still beat him[/quote']


You should ask Hardy who is going to win. GSP's striking looks so bad against Hardy' date=' who was knocked out cold by Condit.[/quote']



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