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Is Shark week scarier than SHART week? You decide


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This thread by far is awesome.


I had an experience at a club. A bad one. My buddies and I always pre game so we dont have to spend to much in the clubs. We decided to get a bunch of wine and just chug it.


We are all in the club and I am dancing with this fine *** chick and all of a sudden it's "oh ****" :eek:


I say to the girl ill be right back...I rush into the club restroom and hide in the stall. I take a peak back there and ill be damned. In a panic I take my underwear off and in a drunken stuper try to flush them down the toilet....BAD IDEA....The toilet became a collapsed hoover dam...I ran out of the bathroom quickly and as im exiting all I hear is "MOTHER ****** WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!"


I giggle to myself and head back to the chick and kept dancing like nothing happened.



Later that even we went for pizza and I put a whole bunch of that red pepper on it...ANOTHER BAD IDEA. My *** was already raw from the nasty mudslide....my ****hole literally felt like someone was holding a match to my ***



Good times.

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