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Who's Next For Rory After He Savagely Beats Penn Back Into Retirement


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Having already beat Diaz, he is automatically placed in the upper echelon. Here's a few names to throw at you:


Josh Koscheck

Thiago Alves

Jon Fitch

Martin Kampmann

Demian Maia

Matt Brown

Carlos Condit

Johny Hendricks

Mike Swick

Aaron Simpson


And yes, he will lay a beating on Penn. The bigger question is, if he becomes the #1 contender...will him and GSP agree to fight each other? (assuming that GSP beats Condit)

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Man if Penn wants to get the trash talking on ,i know one Rory could do to totally embarrass baby Penn.He should start selling official Penn throw in towels lol.


If ever in trouble "Toss in the white towel".

OR better yet make up a white towel and on it it says "I fight to the death" :P

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