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Just rewatched Condit vs Diaz


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Condit schooled Diaz. Out struck the volume striker, out moved the marathon runner. Diaz got ****ing punked, quit like a *****, failed his drug test cause he can't stop smoking weed even for a championship fight, and ducked Estima because he was afraid of his overhyped jui jitsu getting exposed. What a coward.


You mad bro?


You mad?


He scared homie. Diaz scared.


Carlos reversed him after Diaz had his back and was about to KTFO of Diaz before he got saved by the bell. What a joke Diaz and his fans are. I can't help but LAUGH MY *** OFF every time I think about it. LOL ROFL

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Lol. The Diaz fan boys are hilariously butthurt. They instantly change the topic of the thread when somebody posts the truth. And TS, I usually don't agree with your posts..But the OP is full of truth. Very direct. And the Diaz fans can't argue against it.

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Nick gets a bottle of loser liquor to make him feel better about sucking. I do love his half hearted attempt at a genuine smile. Something tells me as many shots to the chin and jaw as he took in that fight he likely can't even attempt to smile properly anyway.




Condit gets a big shiney belt and a much happier atmosphere at his after party.

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