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Robert Whiteford Confident Of Victory Against Awkward Svensson


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Having won his last eight contests, Robert Whiteford will aim to add to his Supremacy FC title with the Vision FC crown on September 1st, as he challenges Martin Svensson (10-2) at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall.


Whilst this will be his first five rounder, he's still confident and can only see his hand being raised when all is said and done.


?It's my first five rounder. It's not going to be enjoyable fighting for 25 minutes, but it's just part of the game and something I need to do.


?It's fine for me; just another day in the office. It's going to present more problems than a three round fight, so I need to calm it and play the game a little bit.


?I'm going to be a winner at the end of the day. I'm going in with an open mind, so if I'm in there for 25 minutes, I'm in there for 25 minutes. If I finish him early, I finish him early.?


Full interview here: http://www.britmma.co.uk//robert-whiteford-svensson/4567936572

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