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Just rewatched Condit vs Diaz


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You call Condit circling away from Diaz octagon control?? Lol


BTW' date=' I brought the judges up because you said they're the only people that matter, yet you duck my post because it proves you wrong and that the judges are extremely inconsistent.


Lmao, this thread may be a little too advanced for you.[/quote']


You cant give control to nick bc he couldnt control condit thus condit gets. Also did you even check if it was the same three judges???


This topic is lame' date=' but I guess the butthurt is just so overwhelming :D[/quote']



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It doesn't matter. Judging should be fair for everyone. If Sanchez got the win' date=' Diaz should have too. Therefore, the judges decision is not something you should base an opinion off of. Judging in MMA is pathetic.[/quote']


Lmfao your logic!



I will end by saying keep on crying bc it will ALWAYS show as a win for Condit and no amount of crying will change it

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Fine. Go talk about Jon Jones elsewhere and let the real MMA fans talk.


Real MMA fans? Can you please enlighten me, what makes a real MMA fan?? And where did Bones come from? :confused:


This topic is so old, the fact that it is still brought up by Diaz fanboys when lets say, the latest Bendo-Edgar decision isnt discussed much, tells me Diaz fanboys suffer from a more serious condition of butthurt than other fanboys.


For the record, not a Condit fan at all.

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The logic that running in a fight is Octagon control is laughable.


And since I got the last word in' date=' I win.


Diaz fans - 1


Condit fans - 0[/quote']


Take this to school and print it, borrow some crayons and fill in your name, bring it back home and ask mom to frame it and put it up on your bedroom wall.




And finally, before bedtime you ask mom to apply some of this



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oh look who has the title..........


You referring to this guy?




Oh wait, you weren't talking about a REAL title, my mistake.


Ever heard the saying 'You're not really a champion until you defend the belt'? Well what does it say if you won't even try to defend a phony belt?

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