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Aldo Happy To Welcome Edgar To Featherweight So He Can Send Him Packing Back Up


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Even before his second loss to UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson' date=' there were talks of former champ Frankie Edgar dropping to the featherweight division to take on opponents closer to his size.


Now that Edgar has lost two fights in a row to Henderson via controversial decisions, it seems as if dropping to 145 pounds is Edgar?s shortest road to obtaining UFC gold.


However, Jose Aldo, one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world, awaits Edgar, should he decided to move weight classes in an attempt to capture another world title.


In an exclusive interview with TATAME, Aldo gives his thoughts on Edgar?s recent title rematch with Henderson and a potential matchup with the former lightweight champion.


?Like he (Edgar) always does, it was a pretty hard fight. I guess they could?ve granted him the win, but who am I to judge? There?re judges there to do that.?


?He said he wants to drop to the featherweight so I?m hoping he does that to end this story. He?s welcome here so that we shut him off and he goes to the lightweight or bantamweight classes.?


Before Jose Aldo can think about shutting down Edgar, the featherweight champ has his fourth UFC title defense at UFC Rio 3, on October 13th, at HSBC Arena, when he fights challenger Erick Koch.


Should Aldo defeat Koch, what are your thoughts on a potential Edgar vs Aldo matchup for the UFC featherweight title?








who would win yall?!

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Aldo probably takes this but I won't count edgar out


sadly Aldo is bigger than Edgar also lol..


I don't think Aldo would be able to finish Edgar but he would win.


see the thing is, aldo would rock edgar and then finish him...something maynard couldnt do 2 times after having him hurt both fights...

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Frankie's simply just not going to have a speed advantage over Aldo. Jose will beat frankie to the punch. Aldo's legkicks could be a kryptonite for Edgar. Given Maynard said he struggled with getting Aldo down in training, If frankie did get a TD it would be early in the fight, and even then I believe Aldo would just get right back to his feet and TKO frankie in the 2nd or 3rd.

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We all know this is not gonna end well for Edgar. Our friend with Napoleon Complex will spiral to 3 consecutive losses if he faces Aldo. I suggest he regroups at LW and take it from there again. Who knows, third time is the charm for him against Bendo.:cool:

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Frankie by clear decision, just so if the fight ever happens i can quote myself :D


Aldo is so overrated. Best person he has fought was Faber (Faber is good when the matchup favors him, but is dumb and cant adapt to bad matchups). Lol at the poll....

Aldo couldn't finish, Florian, Faber and Hominick but he could finish Frankie???? LOLOLOL


and a few more things....


Aldo should clearly be at LW (has trouble with weight, and no competition in the div for him)

Frankie is a damn BW..... but he doesn't need to move down,1-2 more good fights and he could have another title shot at LW

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