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Will the event numbers ever change or continue to go up eventually into the 1000s?


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Do you reckon we'll get to the days where we're getting ready to watch UFC 793, UFC 1000, UFC 2341 etc.?


The UFC don't look like they're going to stop anytime soon and the PPV numbers are drastically increasing, so will it ever reach a limit and they'll somehow rechange the numbers, like I don't know maybe the UFC changes it's actual name from "UFC" to something else and then starts again, or they don't even include the numbers anymore and just the names of the headliners like Strikeforce?


They are just examples, but one has to think, if we are getting roughly 15 PPVs a year (possibly less since there are more and more free events), it will only take another 60 years to reach number 1000, will the UFC ever get to that stage? It seem unrealistic but there isn't any reason for it to stop,


so what are your thoughts?

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Im kinda glad they dropped the cheesy naming of the events, too WWE-ish.


Dont worry, UFC will never get up to those numbers. If a Chinese MMA organization doesnt emerge and take them over, then these guys will:




I foresee SFL 50: UFC Takeover in the future :D





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Ya know, I remember not really being into ufc anymore and hearing they are at ufc 35 or something like that...and i lol'd at the ridiculousness that they were on that high of a number. i thought this was originally gonna be like a one or two time thing to see what fighting style rules all


I think the numbered thing is actually pretty cool, i hope they keep it for a while, but i could see some dumb executive meeting where they think they should change it


I personally love it, ufc 151!!!!!!!!!!

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PPV numbers drastically improving??Florida was a complete bust even worse than what they knew would be a bust.The last was also a bust did worse than they expected,even Dana was stretching to come up with an answer,he blamed the economy.

The ONLY reason the numbers[venue NOT people] will get high is because the UFC is on a mission to feed quantity not quality.


The Calgary venue was booed and most knew that was a poor card.The UFC took advantage of a very good Canadian market but people do not forget,if they try a poor card again next time ,you will see numbers drop.


They sign a ton of very cheap no name fighters to fill all local venues and are trying to open up in every market in the world.IMO they are already open in more than enough places and also imo are not improved at all because of it.

Other sports have games every night and still fill the seats,WWE is a complete circus farce and they sell the seats.MMA is simply just NOT selling that well.The UFC imo is shooting themselves in the foot with their TV deals,because they obviously have a much lower budget to work with and make poor cards because of it.Eventually poor TV ratings will net them no contract or a very poor one.

Dana tries to stretch the TV ratings but fact is they are not stupid,they know what SHOULD sell on that night and what won't.So having a higher rating than something not expected to have great numbers is nothing to brag about.

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