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Ellenberger vs Hieron or Koscheck?


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Which guy are you more interested in seeing Ellenberger fight?


I think Koscheck is done, really, he could retire now and not miss out on anything because lets face it, he will never be a No. 1 Contender and even though he can talk **** (difference between him and Chael is that Koscheck isn't faking it, he's actually a ******) and hype a fight, he is basically a gatekeeper at the moment.


Hieron, who is less accomplished then Koscheck (and they're similar age so that's not any reason to argue between the two) could offer something different to the division, many people thought he beat the ultimate blanket Ben Askren who is widely considered around that Number 10 spot in the WW rankings worldwide so Hieron would have to be considered as a possible contender, especially with the chance to beat Jake Elleneberger.


Sure it would have been great seeing two heavy handed wrestlers go at it, but Koscheck basically has the same skillset he has had for the last few years, power (yet very predictable) and strong wrestling, especially his double leg td. I just think with the background of Hieron being the first to defeat Ellenberger (albeit 6 years ago) it's a much more interesting fight and if Hieron wins it's better than if Koscheck won because I think it's safe to say not many people want to see him around the title anymore, Hieron is some (old) fresh blood in a stacked division.


Just my thoughts, it might have been disappointing not to see Ellenberger fight someone like Bahadurzada or a bigger name technically, but Hieron is very skilled and poses a threat to most people at WW with his well roundedness (if that's even a word?)


Which fight do you like more?

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Plus Koscheck changed gyms just got his black belt in BJJ under Dave Camarillo. To say he isn't evolving is stupid.




Well what has he changed since when he fought a few fights ago? Do you think he's going to all of a sudden implement BJJ into his game?


Koscheck arguably lost to Mike Pierce, and I don't see how that is so much better than a loss to Ben Askren,


Koscheck is a gatekeeper and will be nothing more, I don't know how mentally strong and mature Ellenberger is, seems like if he's losing it all goes to ****, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Hieron won (and I like Ellenberger more than Hieron)


People are underrating Hieron,


this is just like Varner vs Barboza all over again


EDIT: I think the Koscheck fight would probably be more entertaining because it's two big names, but Hieron fighting is much more interesting.

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