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UFC on fox rumors


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Anyone hear of a venue ? Seattle maybe but I think it's a little to good for Seattle ' date=' San Jose ?


or hear of the 4th main fight , people talking about ? Alves ???




I think Seattle was the highest grossing fight night in ufc history, so I don't think it would be a bad idea.... Plus I would get to go :D

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I would love to see this fight! But i think Leben is still recovering from drug addiction or in rehab one.


Ya the fight makes sense, cuz Lombard needs to prove he can win against a name opponent, but isn't to hard to beat. And it gives Leben a good comeback fight. Plus, it'd be rock em sock em robots :P


And yeah Leben was suspended for a year, but that's up in November, fox 5 is on dec 8th I believe. Timing could be right

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