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Rampage is GOAT level shape


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Rampage against Jardine "I overtrained" :rolleyes:

Rampage against Jones "The best Rampage their's ever been"


Looked like sheet in both fights. Nuff said


he actually looked good for the jones fight, he just got stunned by being stuck and not knowing what to do...his game plan sucked, but he looked good

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Not at all.


It just seems like you always have something to say about how he is a can or sucks so I figure who better than you to show up to his gym and show him.


I just cant stand hearing him ****** and moan all the time .....Lets see if he really does do better against someone who will actually stand and bang with him. I am not so sure he will he seems to have lost a step he has looked slow as of late.....we may see him go for the take down and that would be funny with all the crap he has talked.....

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