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So Jones Hasn't Agreed to Fight Machida Yet?


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Heard that they haven't signed it yet, it sounded like if he doesn't take the fight he could be getting cut :eek: Is it too late for Jones to take the Chael fight cause how could he not change his mind with all the **** talking by Dana and the fans. Just curious.

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Lol, I thought the true **** that is JBJ would be exposed when he finally loses - as I see him being the worst loser EVER and drawing hate from even Dana.


This episode though will draw him even more haters from all sides.


He has ****ed the fans, the other fighters on the card, the host city, UFC, sponsors etc etc.


Think of what the other fighters on the card must be thinking right now having been through 8 week training camps, spent $, agreed sponsorship deals, booked hotels/flights, began their weight cuts :mad:

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