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UFC 151 Scrapped!


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by the looks of it


Ariel Helwani ‏@arielhelwani

There goes my big scoop! RT UFC 152 on 9/22 will remain named UFC 152. UFC 151 will simply not happen. @ArielHelwani remains good at math.


****ing jon jones. what a piece of crap. ducking machida and chael sonnen after he called him out. even worse was greg jackson. first it was condit. then guida. Now he is getting ALL of his fighters to run. what a pansy

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lol bro


did you even check to see if there were any threads on this...


no considering the fact that i just posted this 20 seconds after the tweet


all the rest were about sonnen and jones and greg jackson


where are all of the other threads on this? theres one about a press conference. one about jones ducking. and one about chael sonnen. what about ufc 151 scrapped? come on pick them nits

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