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Who To Blame?


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Do we blame Greg Jackson for being a care bear or Jon Jones?


Jones... He has the power to take his balls out of Greg's purse and man up, Greg is not to blame. Hendo is an old guy reaching the end of his rope, injury isn't that big of a surprise, not his fault.


Jones is the center of this massive fail. Especially for turning down Chael, who was probably sitting on his couch at the time of him being called in.


Jon Jones is a duck.

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Greg Jackson certainly has a new game plan for his fighters just look at what has happened to them recently and Dana seems to blame him more than Jones.


How much control do managers have over there fighters though? We can all see Greg is only in this for the money now.

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1) This is what happens when the UFC spreads themselves too thin with expansion. They either need to back off a bit, or make sure they have a Plan B to implement when they run into hitches such as this. So the UFC is partly at fault here.


2) How long did Hendo's injury happen before he notified the UFC of the problem? He's a "man's man", so he probably kept quiet about it until the last minute when he realized the injury wasn't going to improve. So Hendo is probably also partly to blame as well.


3) Given that Jones had a full training camp, and the fact that Hendo and Sonnen are similar style and stature of fighters, he should have taken the fight. Regardless of my first 2 points, he owes EVERYTHING that he has to the UFC...and should have made the effort to bail out his bosses. Are you a professional that can role with the punches (so to speak)...or not?


As far as Jackson's role goes, I think this was more of Jones' decision, and Jackson simply supported his fighters decision. If Jones would have agreed to the fight, I'm sure Jackson would have done his best to adequately prepare Jones.

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