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Flyweights as the main event? I don't think so.


I don't see the problem, they need to promote this division and the other lighter division so that in the future there will be no problem when they headline and guys in the division don't get title shots after fighting on the prelims their entire UFC career

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I hope you are joking. Jones v Belfort is hands down a better main event then any Flyweight fight. FW's and BW's should be kept on the under cards in my opinion.


How is it better? Cause they are bigger?


Jones vs Belfort is a stupid fight. Belfort is coming off hand surgery and got worked on the ground by Rumble. Its not a fight at all. I'd still be cheering my *** off in hopes of him KOing Jones but I doubt it.


Mighty Mouse vs Benavidez is an awesome fight.

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How the **** is Jones vs Belfort the main event? GTFO zuffa/dana/lorenzo/ufc


The flyweights should be main event by 1) not ducking each other. 2) being a way better fight.


totally agree.




















































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