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Jones is done....


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I don't hold much hope in anyone in this division beating Jones. He's pretty much cleaned it right out...and I look at Belfort as one of many fighters in this division that are in their twilight years...with mostly only having that of reputation of their glory years with Pride, when they young hungry lions. Cro-cop is another example of knowing when it was time to hang it up.

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Vitor could do it. Keep his distance use his speed in and out quickly as possible do not give Jone's the chance to gauge his reach just bull rush from the start.


Vitor for a KO hopefully.


Only problem with Vitor's boxing approach is how close he has to get. He has to be real smart about this leap n and out and avoid the clinch at all costs.


Would love a Vitor win but if it goes down i can see Vitor getting elbowed pretty damn bad.

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