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UFC : Musical Chairs


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So Jon Jones was set to fight Dan Henderson but then Dan got injured 8 days from the fight and had to pull out and then Jon Jones was set to fight Chael Sonnen but then Jon Jones Pulled out of that fight and is now going to fight Machida September 23 but then Machida couldn't take the fight so then Vitor ended up taking the fight however had Anderson Silva called a couple hours early he would of been fighting Jon Jones...


last time something like this happened was when GSP, Nick Diaz, Condit and BJ penn decided to play musical chairs.


edit : also to add


Jones - Hendo In, Hendo out, Sonnen in, Sonnen out, Machida in, Machida out, Belfort in


Sounds abit disgusting

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I heard it was 3 weeks ago ,not 8 days before the fight.Hndo is the guy who should take MOST of the blame,he should have warned the UFC that he might not be able to go.

Instead Hendo was selfish ,thought ONLY of himself,so it put EVERYONE else in a last minute predicament.


I have a new saying after the way Dana is treating the fighters on this. "They are all puppets"Apparently they do not have rights or a say.Dana passes the blame onto anyone for his and the UFC's near sighted handling of this venue and every other venue.

Dana is a hypocrite to say he can't FORCE guys to fight,but goes on an absolute tirade when they don't accept what ever they hand them.


I say time for a fighters Union,put Dana and tehUFC back in their place,they are not the sport,the FIGHTERS are the sport and the ones who deserve the respect,not insults from some fat wanna be businessmen.

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