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My take on the whole 151 thing


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Facts of the whole 151 event.


1. Hendo pulled out pretty late and forced everyone to make big decisions without much time to think at all.

2. UFC was going to give a middle weight a shot at the LHW title without having fought in LHW in what 10 years? So what the whole LHW div said no to a title shot and Dana was forced to ask a middle weight to step in?

3. UFC can't put together another fight even though they have basicly 90% of all top MMA figthers under contract.

4. UFC have had many other main card fighters pull out and still held the event before.

5. Jones turned down a fight he only have 3 days to prep for but should have a good chance of winning.

6. Sonnen started a twitter war with Jones well before Hendo said anything and happens to be ready to take on Jones as soon as Hendo dropped out.

7. Hendo and Sonnen used to train together.


As far as I can see there are plenty of **** to go around and everyone is at fault to one degree or another. All of you blaming the whole thing on Jones are being fooled by the UFC pr machine.

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