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Should Jon Jones title be stripped?


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Have to be kidding....


I like the idea, but the UFC has set the precendent... I already disliked Bones, though GSP has had a weak fight roster for years, and wont defend his title for the best part of 2 yrs, possibly longer, and the company has allowed interim title holders to hold out as well (even Nate Diaz and Im a massive fan). There is a gaping hole, the UFC have dug it, and have to live by it, though in a way I am glad that they have stood thier ground and held Jackson and his camp accountable....

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For a current champion to turn down any fight tells you alot about the fighter. For him to turn down a fight with a with a fighter in a lighter weight class (Chael Sonnen) is a cowardly move. As a fan of the ufc since ufc 1 I see no room in the sport for a champion who is not going to step up to the plate and earn the belts title and the coin paid to them. Its shameful for Jones to call himself a champion. He should loss his belt and allow real fighters to take his place.

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As far as I'm concerned, this is what should have gone down.


Jones refused to fight Sonnen? Ok.

Call up Machida and see if he's willing to fight Sonnen at the next possible PPV.

Machida says yes?

Then Jones is officially downgraded to "interim" champion while Machida and Sonnen fight for the Light Heavyweight championship.

Jones then must either fight the resulting winner to unify the belt (within a reasonable time frame for the winner to recover.) If Jones for some reason tries to refuse this fight, then he is stripped of any title whatsoever.


It's absolutely embarrassing that a champion refuses to take a fighter on short notice. So you're the youngest champ....you took your chance to fight for the belt on short notice. You've gone on a streak defending, UFC is trying to promote you while there is fan backlash because of your words and actions, you somehow score a Nike sponsorship, and days after this sponsorship is solidified you back out of a fight date you've been preparing for?

This is the kind of behavior in a team sport that would see a player benched and penalized by the team. In a fight promotion if a champ acts like this, there should be repercussions. This is far different than an interim titleholder being given a chance to wait to unify the belt with a champ : that won't ruin any events already planned and days away.


The fact that Jones was set up with Belfort after Machida backed out (btw, so much for "saying the right things", this Dragon needs put in the back of the line) makes me suspect that Jones fears Sonnen's wrestling skill. It just doesn't make any sense and I have that much less respect for Dana White for this whole mess and NOTHING being done to straighten out these alleged professionals when they are given a chance to defend or claim championship gold.

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