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Rumble Johnson ...not impressed


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I was not impressed by Rumble,it really makes me wonder a lot about the quality of that camp he trains in.

BTW he fights at 205 now in the Titan Fighting Championships and imo he looked sort of good on his feet but looks a lot like a weight lifter not a fighter.His movement is blocky and stiff.


The reason he shows me little is because he had no clue how to free his arms from the top.His opponent who was not that good was easily able to tie up Rumble from the bottom.

Rumble struggled to get the mount in round 1.He had several opportunities to get a choke but just doesn't seem to understand how to do it.His wrestling skills seem relegated to nothing more than POWER moves.


That is basically all Rumble brings to the table is power,he uses very little smarts and imo his cardio still looks suspect.


On a positive note,it looks like he has worked a bit on leg kicks,still needs more work,but leg kicks can be very tiring for a guy with already weak cardio.


Bottom line is if Rumble does not receive better skilled training ,he will never return to the UFC.

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