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Rampage and Queen Mo end beef


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No let Rampage leave' date=' the guy will gladly fight anywhere. Let him go somewhere where he can knock people the **** out again.[/quote']


I agree with this guy, rampage wants to leave I'm a fan but its getting harder to say that the more he blatantly says he doesn't like training, comes in overweight then doesn't want to hear critics, I would love for him to go to bellator and ko the **** outta them over there

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i want him to stay and think he will if he wins' date=' but if he leaves i suspet him going to k-1, they are trying to revitalize it by bringing it to spike tv and rampage could be the face they need[/quote']


I dont think rampage would do well in k-1 cuz he doesnt use much kicks.


I'd still like him to stick around the ufc it would suck to see him leave

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