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Is there anything out there that Americans are not the best at?


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As low as 17th in Education




10th in Freedom! < :eek:


and I would argue we will drop, what with NYC installing big brother a couple months ago.



4th in Economic power


and that will fall with the value of the US dollar.


1st in Incarceration/Prison Pop





YAY! We can lock up the most people!


I love my country, but I'm not a delusional fanboy. We've got our problems.

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health care? yea' date=' i'd rather NOT wait week/months to see a doctor, i'll gladly pay for insurance here[/quote']


Uh, I saw a doctor instantly after I dislocated my shoulder. Got scheduled for an MRI 2 weeks after and had the operation after a month and a half.


You're paying for nothing special.

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Hey look guys! I was Special Forces, see my avatar!!! It's proof. My name is Mick too.


































































































BTW I saved this pic on my computer as ******bag.

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I am indeed....let me know when your around the Louisville area sometime' date=' I'll be happy to continue our discussion then




Until then, piss off troll....[/quote']


Reported for threatening a member with violence. Enjoy your ban, AGAIN...




You're about as much of a Christian as you are a soldier... Meaning not at all, I have to dumb things down so you can understand. I know.

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