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PPV fight cards. Agree or Disagree?


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I think UFC needs less PPVs & all of em should have top 10 fighters period. Let those guys trying to get into the top 10 fight on the free fights & all those guys trying to make it into events should be on the prelims which I know most are but just saying more free fights & less PPVS so all PPV fights will mean something as far as the standings. I wanna see championship & real contender spots in these fights. NOT a guy beating a whole bunch of nobodys, beating one legitimate fighter & Dana then saying " Yeah he's definately in the mix." Real standings & exciting PPVs for our money is all I am saying.

Do you agree?

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I think only Top 10 is a bit harsh, I could see an argument at Top 20, but still, there are still exciting fights and fighters that can draw and they may not even be in the Top 20 of their division depending on what the rankings are


I think every card should have 3 big fights, so if we lose the main event, the co main event it easily a main event fight and the 3rd fight can still fit the bill


Then the other two fights on the card should be good as well, but if not, at least we got 3 big name fights

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