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UFC fighters that Ronda Rousey could defeat


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Lucia Rijker was a Dutch female kickboxer that was pretty much the female version of Mike Tyson back in the day. She tore through competition like she was getting W's for free. She was that dominant.


At one point she got tired of ragdolling female fighters and decided to step it up a notch and take on lower tier male fighters. She got KTMFO brutally in her 1st bout.


I can't be bothered but you should google that fight. Lucia was a beast. She trained with Freddy Roach and Dana White has mentioned her comparing Rousey's dominance to Lucia.


I'm confident Rousey could embarrass some regular unsuspecting dudes in a bar, but pro fighters in a cage... Nah, not so much.

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Alan Belcher via Akiyama.


Makes sense if you think about it. Akiyama has a strong Judo background. Belcher struggles against Judo opponents (see Akiyama vs Belcher). Ronda is clearly a strong Judoka.


Easy W for rowdy Ronda.

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