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Ch? Mills Expecting A Stand Up War With Ludwig


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Ch? Mills (14-5) is hoping his upcoming showdown with Duane 'Bang' Ludwig (21-13) at UFC on Fuel TV 5 will be a real crowd pleaser, and is more than happy to stand with the former kickboxing world champion.


"The reason I accepted Duane is because it's going to be a good stand-up fight. It appealed to me straight away. His style against my style packs 'Fight of the Night' potential and I need another cheque to go in the bank.


"It's obvious we're both working on wrestling and jiu jitsu because it's MMA and it can go anywhere, but I'm hoping that he can keep it standing because I definitely will be looking to do so.


"Ludwig is a very big threat; he has his K-1 background and he's a good Muay Thai fighter. Official or not, he's got the fastest KO in UFC history. You cannot take Duane lightly, by any means."


Full interview here: http://britmma.co.uk//che-mills-duane-ludwig-ufc-not/4568235161

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Yeah i agree here. Cant imagine bang wanting to take him down, and same goes for Che. Really hope Che gets the w tho, English fighters have a tendancy to under perform infront of there home crowd, hope its different this time around.


Can defo see this fight ending in a KO though. Thing is, Mills has only beat Cope, and hes a can at best. Mcdonald owned him (on the ground), so not too sure on his ability yet.


He lost in his elimination fight to get in tuf season 9 if anyone can remember that. However it was to the future winner, James Wilkes.

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