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what Silva and Jones fans need to understand


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First off Silva is the best fighter to ever be in our sport right now (go ahead haters stop reading right here if you want cuz Idk **** it)...hard to argue against that with facts


That being said...Jones has shown he maybe the guy to become the best ever so far...he is on a fast track to surpass silva...and that is not a slight against silva


All sports have had former GOATs that are no longer the best ever


Jordan passed Bill Russell to some

Barry Bonds passed Babe Ruth (eventhough I though Willie Mays was the all around better player

Every 10 years some QB beats the old QBs...anyone remember Otto Graham???..no you don't lol


My point is all GOATS fall at some point...does that mean the former GOATs suck...hell no


It's just boring if the Old GOATs will never beat topped (I.e Ray Robinson)

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