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Frankie Edgar Vs Dominick Cruz


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Edgar' date=' why is he always counted out?

he should still be the LW champ ffs[/quote']


Cause stylistically, Edgar is a great fight for alot of guys, not a hard hitter, small, slows down alot after getting hit a few times in the 1st 3 rounds. For example, Aldo is just as fast as Edgar, if not, faster. He hits far harder, Edgar doesn't react amazingly when being kicked, Aldo's TDD is perfect. Edgar would get picked apart on the feet and wouldn't land any takedowns. Cruz has just as good footwork, if not better than Edgar's, he hits just as hard, but can land a solid finishing punch every now and then himself, BW's just seem to have iron chins, Edgar doesn't. Cruz' wrestling for MMA is outstanding, of course nut huggers would say his wrestling is average at best.


This is of course, all on paper when I say Edgar's a good style for alot of others who I think would beat him.

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